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How to use Instagram Reels as an artist

Oct 9, 2022

26.08.2022 Best practices

Instagram isn’t just an app to post and share beautiful pictures anymore, short videos are becoming more and more popular on the platform. Short videos are a content type that is ideal for the current audience. Users have a short attention span these days, so it’s important to keep the content short and snappy. Feel free to design the videos in the way that suits your content best. For example, you want to promote an event? Show the date, location and performing artists highlighted in bold in your Instagram Reel. This way you give your audience only the most important information and don’t bore them with long texts.

Why should you use Instagram Reels as an artist?

  1. 1. You can use your own music for your Reels. How about posting a snippet of your new song on Instagram?
  2. 2. You can convert existing videos into a Reel at any time. You just released a music video last year? Great, then shorten it to 90 seconds and post it again on Instagram.
  3. 3. On Instagram, Reels are favored by the algorithm and therefore receive more attention than any other features on the platform. As an artist, you should take advantage of this.

What other benefits does Instagram Reels have?

  • – Instagram Reels are discoverable via hashtags and the explore feed. With Reels, you can grab the attention of users all over the world, whether they already follow you or not. Once you’ve gained their attention, you can keep them engaged by making sure they see great content when they visit your page. Therefore, it’s also important to stay close within your niche topic so that new users explore new videos on your page and become a follower.
  • – To trigger the algorithm in the Explore feed, there are plenty of popular trends you can jump on to gain some attention. However it’s important to only upload Reels that fit you and your niche. So it’s not worth it to just follow a trend and copy it 1.1, you should use it creatively in your own way.

You have now gained new followers. What’s now?

Gaining followers is all well and good, but whether they stay or not is a battle in itself. You need to maintain your existing followers by not only posting regularly, but also sharing authentic content. Stories can help with this.

Reels are what’s going to grow your audience. — Stories support that growth.

Stories on Instagram are a great place to post interactive content and reflect more personal content from yourself. Interact with your followers by taking polls, asking questions and getting responses in real time. Post new music and see real reactions or maybe start a giveaway and offer guest lists for your next show.
All of this helps create a deeper connection that keeps them coming back for more.

Instagram Reels and Stories are the perfect place to post creative video content and engage with your audience on Instagram. They allow you to expand the reach of your audience and get inspired by others. In general, the short video form is ideal for music artists, as you can not only interact with your fans but also add music to each video and showcase your songs.

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