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Spotify x Shopify

Oct 14, 2022

With 365 million listeners worldwide, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service at the moment. You think we’re fibbing? – feel free to look here. This makes the platform the perfect place for artists to build their fanbase. But Spotify not only shows the artist’s entire music discography, it also gives fans information about the artist’s tour dates and links to their social media platforms. With the latest integration of Shopify, artists can now also add their merchandise items to their profiles with just a few clicks.

Selling your own merch is a great way to connect with your Spotify audience and allows you to generate additional revenue, supporting your career. The integration of Shopify occurs super easily through “Spotify for Artists“. 

As an artist you can select three items at a time to be displayed on your Spotify profile. Remember, Spotify is primarily about music, not about merch. With this small selection though, your offer remains exclusive. For example, you could choose to highlight hoodies and beanies for winter and caps and t-shirts for the summer season. 

While selling merchandise and streaming music used to be treated completely separately, Spotify and Shopify’s collaboration now allows both areas to come together. This allows someone who might just discover your music and who becomes a fan to go straight from streaming your music to buying your t-shirts.

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